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1. This charger is an intelligent product, with simple design and compatible specially with Pebble Time Round.
2. You can use this product to charge your smart band without plug, which is more convenient and efficient.
3. Considerate holder design, the holder can be adjustable like the spring to meet the height you need.
4. Equipped with a charging cable.
5. Fast charging speed.For huawei watch second generation design.
6. Secure and reliable.
7. This product does not include watches.


Cable Length1.2m
Item Size6.5*5.4*5.4cm
Item Weight75g
Power Source
Input5V, 2A
Output5V, 500mA
Package Include
Package Contents1 x Charger

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News charcoal black charcoal black toothpaste toothpaste because of its unique role in
the five characteristics of consumers in China and much praise:
 adsorption plaque – super remove dental stains, whiten teeth; clear breath of fresh air.
 insect sterilization – completely kill oral inflammation, prevention and treatment of
oral ulcers, bleeding gums suppressed.
 the release of energy – effective promotion of oral metabolism, improve oral immunity.
 supplementary nutrition – Nutrition gums, prevent receding gums, teeth prolong life.
 purification treatment – improving the oral environment, reduce oral disease.

Include:1 x  Toothpaste

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This healthy choice of oil-free popcorn provide yu low calorie, no preservatives, no artificial aromestroff, saturated fat, or salt, and you can get healthy popcorn.
This hot air design, heated evenly, is blown through hot air and then poured into a bowl with specially designed expectations.
This is easy to clean and the bottom can be wiped with a wet cloth, and the top can be washed in warm soapy water on the measuring cup.

Rated power: 1200W
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz


Package Content
1* Popcorn Machine